Innovative Powertrain Technology in the Ram 3500

The Ram 3500 has been thoroughly tested to overcome heavy-duty tasks in Nacogdoches and other urban communities in North America. Featuring a lineup of three cabins at Mike Perry Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat, this powerful pickup truck runs on patented technology that sets high standards in the industry. A 35,100-pound towing rating also makes this vehicle a true champion in its class.

The Engine Thermal Management is available under the hood of the Ram 3500 model. Depending on the driving conditions, the ETM cools or heats the Cummins engine block, which runs on diesel fuel. When towing a maximum load, this turbo engine does not overheat thanks to this temperature-managing technology.

Additionally, the 6.7 L powertrain has the Ram Active Air function that keeps combustion cycles going smoothly. If you drive in a cold region, get the supplemental heater for the full-size cabin. This heating function is only compatible with the signature diesel engine.



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