The Dodge Durango is a mid-sized SUV that is stylish and rugged. This vehicle has made a name for itself with its outstanding track record of reliability. One of the most notable set of features on the Durango are the vehicle's exterior features. You can see these features when you come and see the Durango in Mike Perry Motor Company.

The back of the Dodge Durango is quite distinctive. This vehicle features a racetrack taillamp design that extends across the entire rear of the Durango. There are almost 200 LED lamps that light up the rear of this SUV. This makes the Durango really stand out from the crowd.

The front of the Dodge Durango features projector headlamps. These are very bright lights that provide superior illumination in all weather conditions. You also have auto high beams with these headlamps. The high beams come on when safe, and they switch to low when the need arises.



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