Tires spin at incredible speeds, as the RPM indicator reveals. Rubber wears down due to the resultant friction, and that means the treads could diminish faster than expected. "Treads" refers to the grooves on the tires. The grooves help with traction and clear water out from under the tires when roads are wet. When you lose tread, you lose traction.

The classic "penny test" assists drivers who wonder how much tread is left. If you see too much of Abe Lincoln's head, the treads are low. There's a more accurate tool available, but failing the penny test may be enough to take a car to a Nacogdoches, TX service center.

Don't overlook tire air pressure. Tires need the right psi in them to deliver fuel economy, traction, and other performance benefits. You don't want to deal with an avoidable blowout.

At Mike Perry Motor Company, we can help drivers interested in tire inspections. Our team could assist drivers with buying new tires, if necessary.

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